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Each month, I will try to add 10 items of interest usually not found in your normal reading about the American Civil War or in your High School or College history books. This and other trivia can be found in the Civil War Fact Book by Rod Gragg.

11. John H. Reagan, a former U.S Congressman from Texas, was the postmaster general of the Confederacy.

12. The Battle Hymn of the Republic was penned by Julia Ward while a guest at the Willard Hotel in Washington.

13. During the Civil War, the largest number of immigrants, 233,052 came from Germany, followed by 196,359 from Ireland and 85,116 from England.

14. In his 1864 Presidential campaign, Abraham Lincoln won 55 percent of the popular vote and 78 percent of the tabulated soldier vote.

15. The Gillmore Medal of Honor was a medal developed by Union General Quincy A. Gillmore and awarded to Federal troops who had served with distinction against Charleston in 1863.

16. William Mumford, a professional gambler, was hung by Union General Benjamin F. Butler for hauling down the American flag in occupied New Orleans.

17. The unprecedented demand for footwear caused a shift in America from small shop production of shoes to mass shoe production factories equipped with leather stitching machinery.

18. New Orleans attorney Judah P. Benjamin held three different cabinet posts in the Confederacy. He served as Attorney General, Secretary of War and Secretary of State.

19. The Ironclad, Fort Sumter, Headquarters U.S.A and the Blue Goose were all notorious Washington D.C bordellos operating during the Civil War.

20. When Union General Philip Kearny was killed in action during the war, his family barred members of the press from attending his funeral. However, New York Times reporter Joseph Howard got the story by attending the funeral disguised as a priest.

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